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Ryman by Annah Stretton uniform lauch

The team at Bob Owens got their Annah Stretton on today, dazzling their residents and workmates with their catwalk show.

Senior caregiver Angie Innes said her new uniform was "awesome.''

"It's so easy to work and it is much more practical than the old one. We look good and we feel good too.''

Angie was also a first-time model. "I was really nervous but it is great to be part of the team.'' Housekeeper Jeli Howes is eight weeks pregnant and a first time model also.

"I love the uniform because it is really easy to work in and comfortable even though I'm pregnant. It makes a big difference to my day and how I work.

"I was really pleased to be asked to be a model. I came to work to pick up my uniform and then the next thing I knew I was a model.''

Julie Howell, a Bob Owens resident, wore her own Annah Stretton outfit to celebrate.

She loved the new look for staff.

"I think fantastic is the best way to describe them,'' she said.

Resident Brian Harris said the uniforms were pretty.

"The word gorgeous comes to mind. They lift everyone's mood – but they did that anyway, they're such great people.''

IMG 0005 Large

Angie Innes (senior caregiver), Brian Bark (manager) Julie Howells, Tracey Dunn (clinical manager) and Jeli Howes (housekeeper) at the fashion show at Bob Owens today.

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