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Kidding around with Billy

Here at Julia Wallace, we're very big animal lovers and yet again, as Wednesday afternoon approaches each week, there is an air of anticipation across the village.. I wonder what Pam will be bringing this week for pet pampering?

We've had all sorts, from pedigree cats and kittens and puppies of almost all breeds, to blue-tongued lizards and alpacas, but just when we thought we'd seen it all, in walks Pam with a goat, a kid we named Billy.

I looked at this goat, thinking, oh my word, it's going to eat the furniture! How will we explain this to head office, but Billy was a very well behaved kid. Yes, he nibbled away on some of our residents lap blankets, of which they found quite amusing, but Billy had a special trait.. he liked to give kisses and if there was a lap available, he wouldn't hesitate.. up he'd go, making himself very comfy!

I do wonder, what will be next?!

 billy the goat

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