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Julia Wallace Kindness Award Winner


Julia Wallace kindness award winner Michele Cook pictured with her colleagues.

Michele Cook can never bear to leave a shift at Julia Wallace with a single promise unfulfilled.

“Clocking out means nothing to me. If I’ve promised someone we will go for a walk that’s what we will do. If it’s raining we’ll just get an umbrella. I couldn’t go home thinking I’d let someone down.’’

That dedication to her residents – and her equal commitment to staff – were behind her nomination for the kindness award at Julia Wallace.

She still can’t believe she won, given the competition from all the other kind people who work at the village.

“The place is filled with kindness,’’ she says. “All of my colleagues deserve this award. It’s a big team but it is a great team. I can’t think of anyone who I wouldn’t have a good word for, and who couldn’t have won this award either.’’

Michele works as a senior caregiver and physio aid. She had run her own successful business but decided, at the age of 50, to sell out and try something new.

She’s always wanted to go into nursing and she landed a caregiving job at Julia Wallace and was hooked.

“I took about six weeks to get to grips with it but I’ve never looked back. I encourage all the young healthcare assistants who are thinking about nursing not to procrastinate. Just do it.”

Among her qualities mentioned by her colleagues were her willingness to help others, her attention to detail and completing all her work to a high standard, and the fact she will come in on a day off to help. One said Michele deserved the award for “too many reasons to mention.’’ 

Michele has a simple philosophy on kindness. “Kindness is everything in this profession. It is treating others as you would want to be treated yourself.’’

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