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Julia Wallace Retirement Village Street Party

With the influx of residents into the new town houses being built at Julia Wallace, we thought it was a good idea if the residents of our street got together to meet and get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere, so it was decided to hold a street party.

Subsequently dubbed “The Strand”, our street has a mixture of 5 established residents and 31 newcomers. Our fickle summer weather decided to bless us with a lovely evening for our 4pm drinks and nibbles, and eventual barbecue. The quantity and variety of delicious pre and post dinner nibbles provided by participants meant we over-catered on the sausages, so the village barbecue at a later date benefited from the left overs.

The party was voted a huge success and achieved the goal of getting virtual strangers to come together and feel comfortable with each other in their new environment.


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