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Residents enjoyed participating in the Olympic games

August got off to a great start with the Olympic Games a big focus across the village. Lots of games were enjoyed by our residents and much fun and laughter was heard across the resthome and hospital corridors.

Badminton, tennis, volleyball and rifle shooting were the highlights. Badminton played with eight a side, residents were wielding large Fly Swots as Rackets and a balloon that gets batted back and forth across our World Flag net. Outbursts of laughter as on the odd occasion the residents missed the balloon and hit each other instead, don't worry, no injuries have occurred!

Target shooting has been a huge amount of fun. A large smiley face target drawn on the whiteboard, we all had many attempts at hitting it 'smack in the middle of its nose’, some succeeded many of us failed miserably... Shooting is a lot harder than its looks that's for sure!

The Resthome and Hospital Lounges are following the Kiwis closely and thoroughly enjoying the success of our Athletes. Go NZ!!!


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