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Chocoholics Anonymous Christmas Tree

Collecting chocolate wrappers by eating lots of chocolates for months was not easy work! Especially when the project was to make a Christmas tree large enough for the resthome dining room.

But everyone kept on task and managed to eat enough chocolates before the deadline.

The next step was to sort the chocolate wrappers into colours, so they blended well. We had to make sure we had the right amount of chocolate wrappers for each section.

Chocolate wrappers

The glue came out next, and the gluing went on for weeks - keeping the energy levels up of course with chocolate!

The first tier was the largest to be completed. A few more chocolates later and the job was complete.

This is when the specialised team came together to make the star for the top of the tree.

The day finally came to erect the Chocoholics Anonymous Christmas Tree - with great anticipation, everyone gathered in the dining room for the big event and it sure looks great!

Thank you everyone for all of your hard work!

Chocolate Christmas Tree

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