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Princess Alexandra Retirement Village Activities Antics

January brought a lunch of fish and chips in our gardens, eating them out of paper with vinegar was a real treat, Staff from all over the complex helped out which made the event stress free and many hands do make light work.

During January we also headed off to the Children’s Zoo. Picnic basket in hand and helpers itching to see the zoo themselves, we spent two great hours enjoying the tamed animals.

February was Art Deco month in the Bay. We celebrated this with a special Art Deco happy hour. This was well received and with our residents dressing up, special dainty art deco food was served and the music of the era playing, it was a most enjoyable afternoon.

A trip to Hampton Court Resthome saw a group of us being invited for morning tea and to play quoits in a competition with them but unfortunately the Hampton Court group were too good for us. This means of course that we will be inviting them back for another attempt at the “Cup”.