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Rowena Jackson Retirement Village Seriously Good Chocolate Outing

Attention all chocoholics! Donovan wing have been invited to Seriously Good Chocolate by Jane Stanton to make chocolates.  How could we refuse -  especially when Jane’s mum June is a resident in the Donovan wing.  It was fascinating - Jane showed us how she filled the moulds with chocolate then they were left to dry. There were some ready made, and bags of filling for all the residents to use. Jane didn’t have to ask twice! The residents were straight into chocolate filling with great gusto! There was laughter and fun as well as great conversation and questions to Jane. After the filling was done a top layer of chocolate was placed on them and they were left to dry again.

We adjourned to the cafe for a delicious hot chocolate, or coffee which no- one refused. It was a hive of chatter and laughter between staff and residents. Once we were all finished and the chocolates were bagged up for the residents, we sincerely thanked our hosts and returned home.

Maybe it was being out having a cuppa, maybe it was the chocolate, maybe it was our wonderful hosts.... but the smiles lasted the rest of the day.  What a joy to see our Residents benefit from such a special experience.

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