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Rowena Jackson Retirement Village Mother's Day Pamper Time

Pampering Mum is a favourite way to celebrate Mother’s Day and this is what happened at Rowena Jackson Retirement Village. Pampering took many forms with the Mums starting the day with a special gift with their breakfast from the staff.

For the townhouse and Serviced Apartment residents they were pampered all afternoon getting what many had not had for years. Make-up Artists shared their tricks of the trade and freshened many residents techniques in applying their makeup. Those hands that had nursed sick children, cooked thousands of meals and weeded many gardens were treated to a hand massage and the nails were given a once over resulting in very relaxed attractive hands.

After being pampered they enjoyed a nice afternoon and chat with friends. Other residents enjoyed time with their daughters and sons who had been invited to a special afternoon tea while some enjoyed a chat with their mums others shared a musical afternoon.

It was a great time seeing family and residents reminiscing over a drink and others getting some pampering after having pampered their children for decades.





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