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A Day Trip to Te Anau!

Our resthome residents had a memorable trip to Te Anau in March.

All the residents were excited and clothed for all four seasons, with our usual Southland climate that can’t be predicted.

We started from Invercargill at 9.30am, with our two vans loads of residents, plenty of snacks and drinks. The weather was nice and pleasant.

We had a short morning tea break in Mossburn, where our residents had a wee chat with other tourists who were also heading to Te Anau.

We reached Te Anau at 12.00pm for lunch in Te Anau Club. The club was very beautiful and warm and our residents enjoyed the view and the lovely blue cod meal with chips and a huge chocolate brownie withiIce cream pudding.

After a happy filled tummy, we went for a drive around Te Anau, parked the vans in front of the lake and the residents had a walk around the shops and visited the old boats and the jets parked on the lake.

We returned to Invercargill at 4.45pm.

The residents all loved the trip and were all exhausted after a long journey, but still had a big smile on their face and still some more energy left to tell stories about their trip to other residents.


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