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At Ryman villages, it’s important to provide support not only to residents, but to our surrounding communities as well.Learn about the current property market, smart ways to present your home for sale, how to market and list your property, and how a home auction works. For more information phone Julie on 03 215 9752.

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Oktoberfest celebrations

To celebrate Oktoberfest in the village care centre we had a party!

Sales Advisor Julie Crofts loaned us a German ‘biergarten’ backdrop to help set off our musician, Les Thompson, who played a range of tunes.

Party food and drink was on hand. There was beer to be tasted, as well as plenty of pretzels, biersticks and cheese to enjoy.

Staff got dressed up in traditional costumes which gave everyone a laugh. There was a lot of singing, dancing and a great time was had by all.


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