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Gwen's visit to Verona

Romeo and Juliet fever has arrived at Hilda Ross with lots of discussions about famous couples and the making of masks.

However, the highlight was when we were doing the Romeo anf Juliet Quiz and our wonderful resident Gwen knew the answer to every question.

When she explained that in 1994, she travelled to Verona and showed us pictures where she is standing next to the statue of Juliet and the famous balcony we knew why she got 100%.

This led to a request from everyone that Gwen share with us some of her experiences while she was in Verona.

Gwen very kindly agreed and shared her photos and read some of her diary to us.

Interesting notes that she had made in her diary were that on a Monday in Verona all shops are closed however, the markets were open and they stopped there for some refreshments.

In Verona, one pear cost 12 Lire, two bananas 15 Lire and to use the toilet it cost 300 Lire!

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