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Mr Walnut the Clown visitied Hilda Ross

The Resthome residents, where treated to a lovely afternoon of entertainment where they had a “Leap into Spring Celebration” with Mr Walnut the clown.

Mr Walnut arrived in our lounge pushing his cart which he promised was filled with surprises and not just fresh air!

Our residents were so excited to watch as Mr Walnut created some amazing balloon art. Lots of “Ooes & Aahs and how did he do that?” could be heard.

Soon the lounge was filled with lots of bright balloons as each resident received a different balloon creation.

The balloon creations ranged from some outrageous hats to a cute little poodle.

As one of our residents said “Our lounge is as bright and colourful as all the daffodils and poppies in the gardens, spring has sprung indoors.”

Our residents had lots of fun watching in amazement as the various balloons were joined together and transformed into various works of art and they were very pleased to be able to take their own personal balloon creation back to their rooms to enjoy.

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