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Come along and discover all that Frances Hodgkins Retirement Village has to offer. This is your chance to view our beautiful village. The open day will be held from 1pm - 4pm on Sunday 24 February. There will be an information presentation at 2pm.

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Charmed by classical

Our residents were recently treated to a charming afternoon of classical music when members of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra visited the village.

The string quartet included violinists, Haihong Liu and Dean Major, along with Lyndsay Mountfort on viola, and Brigid O’Meeghan on cello.

German-born George Frideric Handel was the quartet’s featured composer. The group began by playing from the oratorio, Solomon, with the bright and lively, Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.

The haunting melody and beautiful lyrics of Greensleeves had a few residents singing along.

Brigid told the audience the song was purportedly written and composed by King Henry VIII for Anne Boleyn.

The residents were thrilled with the ‘close up’ experience.


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