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Two's Company Performance

Please join us for an exciting show by Two’s Company duo, Peter and Jacquie Faulkner on Thursday 1 August at 10am. The duo will be entertaining us with vocals,acoustic guitar, keyboard and percussion. They will play an eclectic range of music spanning over two centuries: pop, latin, classical, dance music, folk, rock, blues, humorous songs,originals, and songs in other languages. Tickets are $5 per person.

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Antarctic experience

A big day out to visit Christchurch’s International Antarctic Centre enabled residents to experience the big chill.

We started with a delicious bowl of hot soup and rolls in the centre café and then began exploring. Some were brave enough to experience winter blizzard conditions with the temperatures hitting minus 15 degrees celsius.

Joy Miller, aged 95, was one of the first to put her hand up. But it was ‘no worries’ for us as warm jackets and shoes were provided.

Others were keen to have a ride on the Hagglund vehicle.

Everyone found it so interesting to hear stories of the great Antarctic explorers Scott and Shackleton. What a great day!


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