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Annah Stretton's Fabulous at any age show!

Join us for a fun-filled hour with Annah and her team on Wednesday 17 July at 12pm, as they speak to us about Annah’s story of success, her charity RAW, and a showcase of her clothing collection with styling tips to help revitalise your signature style! Annah Stretton is one of New Zealand’s most enduring fashion designers and business entrepreneurs with twelve clothing stores across the country. She is also a hugely successful philanthropist, business mentor, publisher, speaker,author and advocate for the advancement of women. This event is not to be missed!

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A Trip to the Museum

During August, several of our serviced apartment residents decided to visit the Air Force Museum of New Zealand in Wigram. 

The museum holds the collection of the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the aircraft on display are fantastic. The collection, owned by the RNZAF Museum Trust Board, includes early aviation objects and military aircraft from both World Wars.

Our residents loved strolling through the museum and looking at the aircraft and other exhibitions on display.

For some the museum brought back memories which they shared with others over a tea break.

It was a fascinating trip down memory lane.


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