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Essie's stunners sizzle on the catwalk

Essie Summers' stunners stormed the catwalk with new uniforms and some fresh modelling moves - and then the residents did the same!

The residents at the Christchurch village enjoyed the show so much they thought they'd have a go.

Leading the charge was Paula Newell, a resident who used to be a nurse. She said she would have loved to have a similar uniform when she was nursing.

"I love them, they are so bright and they seem to suit all the girls just the same. I'd have loved one.''

Senolita Vea has worked at Essie Summers for 16 years. She said her first day wearing her uniform had been a great success.

"All of my residents said I looked beautiful and one even said I looked delicious. I said how come you've never said that before?''

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