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Men's Club - beer tasting

On a pleasant spring afternoon, the brewers flocked to Essie Summers and the gentlemen flocked to meet them. For some reason or other, most of the ladies found they had other things that needed doing on that afternoon.

Representatives attended from the large New Zealand breweries such Lion Breweries, from international brands such as Heineken and Tiger, and from smaller, local craft breweries such as Harrington's.

The gentlemen's tastes swirled and they sniffed and sipped, and sipped again. They spoke of hops and sweetness and anything else that came to mind, before they swirled and sniffed, and sipped again.

Astonishingly, most of the gentlemen's tastes discovered they liked most of the brewers' beers, though it was generally agreed that the outstanding brews were Tiger and Waikato.

The afternoon passed swiftly and delightfully and when the brewers left they found their loads considerably lightened.

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