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Townhouse showhome open afternoons

Come along to view our townhouse showhomes on Tuesday 20 - Thursday 22 August, 1-3pm and find out what sets a Ryman village apart from the rest. Our vibrant community offers security, companionship and a full range of living and care options including; independent and assisted living, resthome, hospital and dementia care.

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Rebecca Nelson

Residents were very happy to welcome back the fabulous Rebecca Nelson for another fantastic performance in the village centre.

With special anecdotes of her travels during each song, Rebecca kept her audience spellbound. Several residents of Welsh descent loved it when Rebecca flawlessly sang the Welsh Anthem; Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau.

The classical singer also graced everyone with a truly special rendition of Hallelujah during which she performed a verse in Maori.

Afterwards residents gathered for an afternoon tea, and of course, got the opportunity to speak to the singer herself.

We can’t wait to welcome Rebecca back for another performance!


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