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Anthony Wilding Kindness Award Winner


Anthony Wilding award winner Freda Chase pictured with the colleagues who nominated her.
From left to right: Diana Hanafin, Lorraine Hulse Freda Chase, Jenny Parker and Liz Bradford.

When Freda Chase decided to change her career after 25 years as a chef, her main criteria for her new role was that it had to be somewhere warm.

Luckily the lovely warm laundry at the newly opened Anthony Wilding Retirement Village needed a Freda, and eight years on she’s still there.

It is not only the laundry that’s warm – she’s somehow managed to radiate that warmth to everyone around her, making her a popular winner of the village’s Kindness Award.

Freda from the laundry, her colleagues said, was hardworking, trustworthy and nice to everyone.

“A great worker and very helpful,’’ one colleague wrote. “She goes out of her way to help people and great to talk too. It is great to have her support and friendship, which are sometimes very hard to come by in some work places.’’

Freda said she learned kindness from her “beautiful’’ mother, who she cared for as she got older. “She never had a bad word to say about anyone, and that’s the way I want to be.’’

Freda was overwhelmed with winning the award, mostly because there are plenty of other good people at Anthony Wilding.

She moved to her role after running a busy kitchen for many years, and didn’t miss managing staff.

She likes the busy days in the laundry, and the warm environment of course. “It is a nice place to work and the days go so fast. If I go home late a bit tired and stressed it doesn’t matter. I’ll wake up looking forward to seeing all those lovely people again the next day. I wake up happy.’’

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