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Gaining confidence in communication

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Anthony Wilding caregivers celebrate their graduation

The programme is all about communicating more clearly.

The group included Caregivers Mandy Tipoki, Shobna Kumar, Lisa Walton, Anna Benadie, David Datoy, Pritishna Devi and Shamshad Begum.

They each completed a project and presented it as part of their graduation in front of Village Manager Sharon Armstrong, Senior People Development Advisor Benita Alexander, Clinical Manager Jeannie Sales and Regional Manager Diana Hanafin.

Along with Aspire2 Business tutor Gayle Taylor, Programme Coordinator Rose Michaels and Business Development Manager Maretha Campbell.

The programme, in partnership with Aspire2 Business, was a six-month course covering topics such as communicating clearly at work and at home, connecting with your team and residents, furthering your career by achieving personal goals, working with numbers, budgeting and understanding health and safety.

Benita was very pleased with the success of the pilot program.

“Anthony Wilding was the natural choice to pilot the Workplace Communication programme.

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Congratulations to Shobna, Lisa, Pritishna, Mandy, David, Shamshad and Anna!

I remember having a conversation with Jeannie some time back and I’d been inspired by her own experience of successfully mentoring others.

It’s amazing to have someone who really believes in you as it gives you the confidence to take the next step,” says Benita.

The programme involves a weekly two-hour class with Aspire2 Business tutor Gayle.

The seven caregivers were drawn from different areas of the village and they say they loved getting to know their colleagues better.

“They probably learned as much about themselves as they learned about the new topic.

It hopefully gives them a depth of knowledge which can lead to them exploring other avenues that they previously thought weren’t open to them,” says Benita.

At the graduation, all their hard work during the programme culminated into presenting their individual projects with aplomb.

The caregivers had to identify a problem within their workplace and come up with a suitable solution and action plan.

Among the problems were faulty wheelchairs and shower chairs. They also identified issues with menus and meal delivery and hoists being left in the corridor.

The caregivers are trying to find a better and faster way to input data in MyRyman Care app.

AW Comms Dec18 3

What impressed everyone the most was how much effort went into the presentations. Not only did the caregivers survey their colleagues, but they also went to great lengths to take photographs to present as evidence.

And the best thing of all – they had the confidence to defend their opinion and answer impromptu questions from Sharon, Diana and Benita.

“The basis of the programme was to instil greater confidence in them to communicate clearly, to ask questions that they needed to and to have the confidence to speak up if they see issues such as health and safety,” Benita says.

“People tend to limit themselves. It’s about taking those baby steps, so one day you’ll look back and think ‘woah look where I am now and what I’ve achieved!’”

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For now, there will be a focus group, which will be looking at how this pilot programme could be improved upon and whether or not there needs to be changes made.

But Benita has big plans for the programme and hopes to implement it in the years to come.

“It would be nice to have this in every village,” Benita says, “and we will be working towards that.”

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