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Low Vision Presentation - Cancelled

We have decided to cancel our upcoming Low Vision presentation as a precaution to protect our residents against COVID-19. For more information about this click here: https://www.rymanhealthcare.co.nz/coronavirus-updates

Naomi Meltzer is a Low Vision Consultant Optometrist who specializes in helping people with low vision.

Low vision is a visual impairment, not corrected by spectacles, that interferes with the ability to perform everyday tasks. Naomi will inform you what low vision is, what it means and also whatsupport, visual aids and other options available to help you continue to do the things you love.

The presentation will be followed by a delicious afternoon tea and the opportunity to ask Naomi any questions you may have.

Date: 1 April Time: 2:00 PM
Location: 5 Lisle Farm Dr, Pukekohe 2120

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Art Expo

The beautiful artworks on display at Possum Bourne have proved to be a great drawcard for both residents and non-residents alike.

The steady stream of people visiting this morning got the chance to see mouth artist Steve Nimmo use acrylics to create a painting of flowers in a vase. Steve became a quadriplegic following a diving accident in 1977 and while he has some movement in his arms, he cannot grip with his hands and so paints with a specially adapted paintbrush. Later, fellow mouth artist Toni Leefe told an audience how she came to join the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists organisation. Toni was paralysed after a trampoline accident at the age of 14 and says she had no inclination to paint before then. The extra income from her painting has enabled her to buy a house and live a relatively normal life with her husband and son, she says. Toni has donated a painting to be displayed at the village, which is also the home of her grandparents Eddie and Joyce Fox and two more paintings were donated by MFPA to be raffled off. 


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