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Annah Stretton

Join us on Thursday 25 July, 10.30am for a fun-filled hour with Annah and her team as they speak to us about Annah’s story of success, her charity RAW, and a showcase of her clothing collection with styling tips to help revitalise your signature style!

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Murray Halberg Naming Launch

Ryman Healthcare has named its new retirement village in Lynfield in honour of sporting and charity legend Sir Murray Halberg.

Sir Murray became a household name in New Zealand in the 1950s and 1960s as a talented long-distance runner. 

His greatest success came at the Rome Olympics in 1960, when he took gold in the 5000 metres. He also won the three miles at the Empire Games in Perth in 1962 and set world two and three miles records. He was also the first New Zealander to run a mile in under four minutes.

In 1963 he founded the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation with the aim of ensuring that all New Zealanders, regardless of their ability, should have equal opportunity to enhance their lives through sport and recreation. The Foundation has helped thousands of children realise their dreams through sport.

He is also the name behind the annual Halberg Sports Awards, New Zealand’s premier annual awards event. 




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