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Family comes first

Max and Mary make the move to Logan Campbell

Logan Campbell FamilyFirst Oct18

Within just a few minutes of meeting Max and Mary Ogle at Ryman Healthcare’s Logan Campbell retirement village one thing becomes very obvious: family is what it’s all about.

Stepping into their well laid out serviced apartment which opens onto a beautiful courtyard, you can see it has room for all the essentials.

There are the many photo albums filled with year upon year of happy fun-filled memories with their four children at the bach up north in Pataua; there are the framed pictures of their prized horses that Max trained, including race winner Hot Koko, and there’s all their favourite pieces of furniture brought down from their last home – at Ryman’s Jane Mander village in Whangarei!

“I know!” says Max with a laugh. “Everyone was surprised when we said we were making the move down here because we had a wonderful spot at Jane Mander.

“We spent 65 years in Kamo, we got married there and all the people we’d grown up with and worked with were up there.

“But it’s family that drew us to Auckland. We have got nine grandchildren and most of them are around here, and there’s three great-grandchildren too with another two on the way.”

Max says it wasn’t a decision they made lightly but since moving into the new village in May they have had no regrets whatsoever.

“Since we moved they pop in all the time and we’ve been able to mix with them so much more than we did up there. They mean an awful lot to us, they really do.”

The couple admits that the idea of moving into a sparkling new apartment also appealed, and their daughter Jill, who also lives in Auckland, helped them pick one out.

Says Max: “We were in an independent townhouse at Jane Mander and we knew we’d be in a serviced apartment within a year or two.

We are pretty old now – I’m 89 and Mary’s 86!

“I thought it would be nice to have a brand new place.” With that, the decision was made and the move set in motion.

“There’s some good people here and we have blended in straightaway,” says Max, who was quick to set up a Friday afternoon group for playing their favourite card game, 500.

“The staff are wonderful, they’re so caring, they show us all a lot of affection,” says Mary.

“We could still manage our house alright but it is rather nice having fresh towels every day and the linen changed and cleaning done every week,” she adds.

Having worked hard for many years ‘in the farming game’ first as a contract milker and then dealing in stock and land, Max took up with the horses as a bit of a hobby when he retired at 60.

The pair still get a buzz and compete with each other to tell the story about their pride and joy, Hot Koko, which prompts another visit to the photo album cupboard.

“He got 34 cheques from one horse.

It wasn’t big money but he’s pretty proud of that,” says Mary, turning to the page with the photo of the horse-shaped cake Jill had made in case Hot Koko ever won.

“She had to ring home and say ‘Quick, get the cake out the freezer! Dad’s horse won the race!’

“All the grandchildren were so excited to see the cake being cut,” laughs Mary.

A brush with bowel cancer caused Max to wind down the horse hobby which was followed by a triple bypass and then a blood clot.

Despite that causing him to have three holes drilled into his head to relieve the pressure on his brain, it’s Mary he reckons is the tough one out of the two of them.

“When I had the blood clot I ended up in hospital and as Mary was leaving the hospital she said ‘Goodbye darling, and it was the first time she said so many nice things,” he says with a cheeky grin.

“I feel lucky, I really do.” Mary gives Max an affectionate look which somehow also combines a gentle scolding!

“He’s come out of it all okay,” she smiles.

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