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Our activities and lifestyle programme caters for a wide range of interests.

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Our award-winning Triple A exercise programme for all levels of fitness

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Grace Joel Retirement Village International Active Ageing Week

The last week of September is International Active Ageing Week, and whilst we are already very proactive in promoting the great benefits of being active with our regular Triple A exercise classes, we made an extra big effort and had a week of really reinforcing “well being”. Our regular Triple A Classes were incredibly well attended, which may have had something to do with the wonderful fruit platters provided as a great healthy option for morning tea. Our Aqua Aerobics Instructor and her group of Grace Joel residents gave an exhibition class in the pool which encouraged others to join and see the fun and benefits of exercise in the water. Our annual “Waterfront Walk” was really special as we had residents from our Hospital and Rest Home areas as well as our Serviced Apartment and Independents, all out enjoying the views of Rangitoto. Whether it was a slow stroll along the St Heliers Boulevard, or in some cases a 10 km walk right into the city, we showed that it is wonderful just giving “keeping active” a go!



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