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Pioneering is part of who we are

Pioneering is part of who we are. That’s why each Ryman village is named after a Kiwi or Aussie trailblazer. Anthony Wilding, Lady Diana Isaac, Evelyn Page to name a few. They lived with passion and purpose, they pushed further, they went beyond the ordinary. That’s exactly what we strive to do every day at Ryman. To pioneer a new way of living, for a new retirement generation.

Grace Joel (1865–1924)

Through her painting, Dunedin born expat artist Grace Joel affirmed an artistic vision distinct from her contemporaries and the trends of the time. With determination and passion, she committed her professional career to portraiture and the figure.

Following secondary and tertiary art education in Dunedin, Joel studied fine arts at the National Gallery School in Melbourne in 1888-89 and again in 1891-94. She settled in Dunedin and produced work, exhibited, taught, and contributed heavily to the local art community. In 1899 Joel left for Europe where she established her artistic reputation, exhibited to acclaim in London and Paris, and spent the remainder of her career and life.

Relentless in her artistic pursuit, Joel lived life on her terms and pursued an innovative painting style. Despite her modest professional success and being relatively unknown today, Joel granted a £500 scholarship for nude painting to the National Gallery School she had attended in Melbourne.

Joel L. Schiff wrote An Impressionist Portrait in 2014. A private person, there were few details recorded about Joel’s life and personal views.