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Evelyn Page Kindness Award Winner


Evelyn Page kindness award winner Daisy Wang pictured with her colleagues.
From left to right: Mary Domingo White, Daisy Wang , Roshni Sladen and Fritz Lozano.

When Daisy Wang was six she knew she wanted to be a nurse caring for older people.

“I was with my mum and we saw an older man walking down the street. I told mum I wanted to take him home because I thought he needed caring for. Mum was surprised but I guess caring has always been in my nature.’’

A few decades later Daisy is a registered nurse and the winner of the Evelyn Page Retirement Village Kindness Award.

She likes to go home and tell her six-year-old daughter about what she does as a nurse and how she cares for people each day.

“For me kindness means offering whatever care you can to make someone’s day or give them help when they need it. It is nice to make someone’s day special.’’

“That’s not only residents, but staff and other people around me as well.’’

Daisy’s colleagues said she was not only a hard worker, but a kind person as well.

“Daisy always shows kindness and compassion with the residents,’’ one colleague wrote. “She does it in a quiet and subtle way that so often goes unnoticed. The residents love her and it's easy to see why.’’

Daisy’s highlight of the day is going home to share her stories from work with her children. So when she’s not busy dispensing kindness to her residents, she’s busy raising Evelyn Page’s next generation of kind people.

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