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Jill fits the bill at Evelyn Page

New village manager a real leading light

Managing Evelyn Page retirement village marks a new learning curve for Jill Clark, but this former teacher loves learning and is not afraid of the unknown.

“I will always challenge and ask questions if there are questions to be asked. I think that’s how you progress.”

During her 35 years working in the education sector Jill has amassed a string of qualifications herself and is just finishing off her Masters of Advanced Leadership Practice.

Now she is applying all that knowledge and experience into a completely different setting, and after her first six weeks in the role Jill says she’s loving every minute.

“I love coming to work because every day is different. You don’t know what the challenges are when you walk through the door.

“Today I’ve been grappling with payroll for 182 staff!”

EP Jill Fits The Bill 1

Having been a competitive bodybuilder for 10 years proves that Jill likes a challenge. However the main one facing her now is how to grow the Orewa village’s already impressive reputation.

With Evelyn Page recently taking out the prize for Ryman Healthcare’s village of the year Jill sees only positives and says it’s a good time to come in.

“There’s an amazing team here, everyone’s got so much experience and they have been great. They’ve helped my learning experience so much.

“Coming in after winning village of the year – no pressure!” she laughs. “But whilst we have reached a high standard and need to maintain that we can always aim higher because I’m sure there’s more to be done.”

Jill, who lives in Browns Bay, said she instantly got a great feel for the place when she stepped through the doors.

“I thought straight away ‘I really want to work here’ and after talking to first Paul (Sutton) then Barb (Reynen-Rose) then Gordy (MacLeod) I was impressed with the Ryman philosophy.

“It’s all about supporting the residents and their families and of course the staff. And yes, it’s a business but it’s a really caring business as well.

“I like that I can go out and about and meet everyone, all that people interaction is what attracted me.”

Jill says there was plenty of people interaction on her first day when a large proportion of the village’s 526 residents attended an afternoon tea specially laid on to welcome her.

“It was a really big turn out. I think they were curious as to who this new person was.”

Now, she is looking forward to having fun getting to know them all and continuing the efforts that have made the village such a great place to live and work.

“These first few weeks have proved that my good feeling about this place was right. I’m so happy to be here.”

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