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Friday, 07 December 2018

Media Release

New Auckland retirement village named in honour of Sir Murray Halberg

Ryman Healthcare has named its new retirement village on Tropicana Drive in Lynfield in honour of sporting and charity legend Sir Murray Halberg.

Sir Murray became a household name in New Zealand in the 1950s and 1960s as a talented long-distance runner with a string of successes on the athletics track.

He competed at the Empire Games in Vancouver in 1954 and the Olympics in Melbourne in 1956, before winning a gold medal in the Empire Games in the three-mile event at Cardiff in 1958.

Sir Murray’s greatest success came at the Rome Olympics in 1960, when he took gold in the 5000 metres.

He also won the three miles at the Empire Games in Perth in 1962 and set world two and three miles records. He was also the first New Zealander to run a mile in under four minutes.

Sir Murray put the fame he gained through athletics to good use.

In 1963 he founded the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation with the aim of ensuring that all New Zealanders, regardless of their ability, should have equal opportunity to enhance their lives through sport and recreation.

Since 1963, Sir Murray and his Foundation have worked tirelessly to make that vision a reality for New Zealand's physically disabled people and has helped thousands of children realise their dreams through sport.

He is also the name behind the annual Halberg Sports Awards, New Zealand’s premier annual awards event. He spotted the potential to revitalise what were the New Zealand Sports Awards in the 1960s, turning them into a highlight of the country’s annual calendar.

Ryman Chief Executive Gordon MacLeod said it was an honour to name the village after such a significant Kiwi.

“Sir Murray is a visionary New Zealander who epitomises Kiwi values. As an athlete he was world class, overcoming extreme odds to become the best in the world through sheer hard work and determination.

“He then used that fame to help countless disabled New Zealanders realise their dreams and to enhance their lives.

“Sir Murray has achieved great things while being kind, modest and completely focussed on others. If there were more Sir Murray Halbergs about, the world would be a better place.’’

“We are honoured to be able to name the village after this fine Aucklander, and I am sure it is a name that everyone in our village community will be proud of.’’

Construction of the new Murray Halberg Retirement Village on Tropicana Drive in Lynfield began last year and its first residents moved in last month.

The village will offer a full range of retirement living options with care tailored to each resident’s needs.

The village will include independent apartments, serviced apartments as well as a care centre with resthome, hospital and dementia-level care options.

Residents will also be able to enjoy an indoor swimming pool, spa, gymnasium, hairdressing and beauty salons, café, movie theatre, library, a bar and billiards room.

About Ryman Healthcare:

Ryman Healthcare was founded in Christchurch in 1984 and owns and operates 33 retirement villages in New Zealand and Australia. Ryman villages are home to 11,000 residents, and the company employs 5,000 staff.

Media advisory: For further information, photos, interviews or comment please contact Corporate Affairs Manager David King on 03 366 4069 or 021 499 602.


Friday, 07 December 2018

Creativity and memories

Bringing families together

Ryman OtegoArt Dec18 1

Dunedin Railway Station is one of the most beautiful buildings in the country and is home to the Otago Art Society.

Thousands of overseas visitors pass through the building’s galleries every week to view the art work, and over the next few weeks will be enjoying the works and memorabilia of our Dunedin Ryman Village residents.

Last night the exhibition was officially opened and was attended by about 100 people. It’s the brainchild of Mari Gomes, a care assistant at Yvette Williams who is an artist herself.

Mari is passionate about art and wanted to display the many works our talented residents have not only created themselves, but also some of the memorabilia and family heirlooms, and to tell the stories behind them.

Ryman OtegoArt Dec18 4

Last night, with Ryman Healthcare’s sponsorship, the Art Society’s venue and support, and the brilliant planning and event management of Dunedin’s Sales Advisor, Kate Morgan that dream became a reality.

Ryman OtegoArt Dec18 3

The residents and guests were piped into the building in true Dunedin fashion.

The evening brought families together with some close to tears. They were so proud of their parent’s work.

Fiona Gilbert, whose mother Margaret is in special care said it created a positive link for her family.

Margaret’s grandchildren are too young to remember Margaret when she was well, and Fiona was thrilled able to bring them to see her mother’s work on display.

It made a connection for them and inspired them.

Ryman OtegoArt Dec18 6

Some of the memorabilia was quirky and some of historical significance.

Other pieces were family heirlooms like the christening gown worn by five generations of Ngaire Johnston’s family.

Three generations were present for the exhibition opening, Ngaire, Ruth and Meghan.

Ryman OtegoArt Dec18 5

Many of the residents had only taken up art in their later years while others had a lifetime of creativity.

Doug Hart, the President of the Otago Art Society said the volunteers really enjoyed putting the exhibition together.

“This exhibition brings out the best from a generation of life experienced folk. Life is a series of memories and the exhibition sets out to accurately portray this.

Learning new skills makes us come alive, have self-worth and a purpose and enjoy the day ahead.

Ryman OtegoArt Dec18 2

What a wonderful thing it is to be able to transfer your thoughts and ideas onto a lifeless piece of paper or canvas and make it come alive.

What a powerful thing to be able to make people laugh, cry, think or discuss, with just a few strokes of the brush or pen.

Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength!"



Monday, 03 December 2018

Safer Together

Ryman SaferTogether Dec18 1

Our newly formed Safer Together Forum teams have met for the first time, keen to spread an embracing attitude towards safety out to all staff and contractors.

The two Forums, split between operations and construction, drew Ryman representatives from far and wide on both sides of the Tasman to a brainstorming session in Christchurch this week.

The meetings saw ideas emerge as to how to better deal with situations both during the operation of our existing villages, and the construction of new villages.

For example, the operations Forum topics included easier and better hazard and risk reporting methods at village sites, and how we can improve the running of (and feedback within) our safety meetings.

The construction Forum covered topics such as working safely at height on scaffold, mental wellbeing and how we can improve communication about safety related issues and ideas amongst the wider Ryman family, including contractors and suppliers.

Such focus topics will warrant further discussion and work by Forum members. In 2019 they plan to meet on three occasions, in March, July and November and build on their ethos of teamwork.

There are 11 members of the operations Forum and 12 members of the construction Forum (including contractor representatives), as well as facilitators from Ryman’s Health & Safety, Gardening and Property teams involved.

Both groups have no Ryman management members, as it’s all about the workers and what they have to say.

Great ideas and energy were shown in the morning and afternoon creative sessions, and the feeling was that the good safety work started this year by Ryman needs to be shared amongst all staff.

In the morning the groups heard from Chief Construction Officer Tom Brownrigg and Chief Operations Officer Barbara Reynen-Rose.

Both referred to the progress that has been made since the ‘Safer Together’ expo that was held in Auckland in mid-September.

That day saw workers from all across the company come together, including shutting down all of our construction sites, to learn about a shared commitment to safety.

Ryman SaferTogether Dec18 2

Safer Together refers to Ryman’s dedication to the safety of our people.

It applies to all Rymanians, including contractors and suppliers.

Chief Executive Gordon MacLeod has said we need to make sure we are constantly focusing on people going home safe, every single day – and it is the single most important thing at Ryman.

Management want to listen differently to help achieve this, and be Safer Together.

Gordy also spoke to the Forum members about how pleased he was that they were following through on the messages that were shared at the earlier safety expo.

Safety has become a topic of much discussion within Ryman.

The expo allowed team members to share experiences of injuries or accidents, and the impact they have had on their lives, their families and their attitude towards safety.

Some team members shared their personal stories and spoke about how a “it won’t happen to me” mentality can be changed in an instant.

This week each forum group formed six ideas or topics for further discussion and development.


Monday, 03 December 2018

4000 checks in 40 locations and counting!

Ryman PressureCheck Dec18

Brazil-trained cardiologist Laura Stephan helped Christchurch Rymanians step up to the mark today, as she helped blood pressure checks on behalf of the Stroke Foundation NZ.

Christchurch staff waited patiently and tried to keep stress levels low as they faced up to the circulation system measurements, courtesy of the foundation’s visiting van.

Laura, based in Wellington, has been in New Zealand about a year and drives around the country to offer the checks and advice to those that step into the van’s compartments.

There are things Kiwis should watch for including salt and alcohol intake, not smoking as well as opting for exercise and fresh and ‘whole” foods, she says.

If your pressure reading is towards the high end of the spectrum then Laura recommends more regular checks. “My father died of a stroke last year and his only risk factor was high blood pressure.”

Ryman is proud to have its name on the side of the van as part of a sponsorship.

Laura did 11 years of medical training in Brazil, and is doing further training in New Zealand as well as enjoying the feeling of relative safety of travelling around the country and getting to know Kiwi culture. She has residency, and plans to stay here. “New Zealand has treated me very well.”

Each year Ryman Healthcare chooses a single charity partner as the focus of its fundraising efforts. The company matches each dollar raised by residents and staff with its own corporate donation.

In June Chief Executive Gordon MacLeod said Ryman’s charity partner for the year would be the Stroke Foundations in New Zealand and Australia.

Stroke is the third biggest killer in New Zealand and affects more than 475,000 Australians. Most strokes happen when a clot blocks the flow of blood to your brain

Stroke Foundation NZ Southern Region general manager Paul Rout said the van was taken around shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers markets and to the larger employers. Since the van trips started in October the team had visited about 40 locations in the South Island, and around 3,000-4,000 checks had been made. In the new year the van would move to the North Island.

“You don’t necessarily know you have high blood pressure unless you’ve had it checked. High blood pressure can lead to all sorts of cardiovascular problems. We call it the single most modifiable risk for stroke. For most people, once identified it can be treated through medication relatively straightforwardly,” Paul says.

“Most days we get two or three people, that we actually say to: ‘you’ve got to go straight to the emergency department because it’s so high that you’re at risk of having an immediate serious medical problem.”

Ryman has donated more than $3.2 million under its charity partnership programme since 1999. Other charities it has supported include Alzheimers NZ


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