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Ryman Kindness Award Winner


Ryman kindness award winner Helen Hayes pictured with the colleagues who nominated her.
From left to right: Sara McCunnie, Nicole Forster, Helen Hayes, Sue Massie and Jo Forbes.

Kindness Award winner Helen Hayes says she doesn’t have a perception of herself as an especially kind person. “I just do what I do,’’ she says.

Whatever she’s doing her colleagues certainly appreciate it, making Helen the most popular nomination for the Kindness award at Ryman Christchurch.

Helen, who is the resident relations team coordinator, is responsible for the team that makes sure residents and their next-of-kin are happy.

She’s one of Ryman’s longest-serving employees, starting out as an administrator at Woodcote in 1997.

Over the years she’s seen massive growth at Ryman, and that pace of change is something she takes into account when she’s dealing with other staff.

“Kindness means consideration for others, and taking into account their feelings on a personal level. I’m always aware that everyone is busy here, and everyone has their own workload and deadlines to deal with.’’

Helen’s colleagues praised her for being lovely, genuine, friendly, organised, hard-working, but, most of all, kind.

“She never has a bad word to say about anyone,’’ wrote one. “She’s always so kind and helpful and she always has lovely things to say. I wish there were more Helens in the world.’’

Helen’s formula comes down to reciprocating the kindness she receives from others.

“I guess I think about how I like to be treated. How does it feel when people give me great customer service? How does it feel when people are kind to me?’’

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