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Safer Together

Ryman SaferTogether Dec18 1

Our newly formed Safer Together Forum teams have met for the first time, keen to spread an embracing attitude towards safety out to all staff and contractors.

The two Forums, split between operations and construction, drew Ryman representatives from far and wide on both sides of the Tasman to a brainstorming session in Christchurch this week.

The meetings saw ideas emerge as to how to better deal with situations both during the operation of our existing villages, and the construction of new villages.

For example, the operations Forum topics included easier and better hazard and risk reporting methods at village sites, and how we can improve the running of (and feedback within) our safety meetings.

The construction Forum covered topics such as working safely at height on scaffold, mental wellbeing and how we can improve communication about safety related issues and ideas amongst the wider Ryman family, including contractors and suppliers.

Such focus topics will warrant further discussion and work by Forum members. In 2019 they plan to meet on three occasions, in March, July and November and build on their ethos of teamwork.

There are 11 members of the operations Forum and 12 members of the construction Forum (including contractor representatives), as well as facilitators from Ryman’s Health & Safety, Gardening and Property teams involved.

Both groups have no Ryman management members, as it’s all about the workers and what they have to say.

Great ideas and energy were shown in the morning and afternoon creative sessions, and the feeling was that the good safety work started this year by Ryman needs to be shared amongst all staff.

In the morning the groups heard from Chief Construction Officer Tom Brownrigg and Chief Operations Officer Barbara Reynen-Rose.

Both referred to the progress that has been made since the ‘Safer Together’ expo that was held in Auckland in mid-September.

That day saw workers from all across the company come together, including shutting down all of our construction sites, to learn about a shared commitment to safety.

Ryman SaferTogether Dec18 2

Safer Together refers to Ryman’s dedication to the safety of our people.

It applies to all Rymanians, including contractors and suppliers.

Chief Executive Gordon MacLeod has said we need to make sure we are constantly focusing on people going home safe, every single day – and it is the single most important thing at Ryman.

Management want to listen differently to help achieve this, and be Safer Together.

Gordy also spoke to the Forum members about how pleased he was that they were following through on the messages that were shared at the earlier safety expo.

Safety has become a topic of much discussion within Ryman.

The expo allowed team members to share experiences of injuries or accidents, and the impact they have had on their lives, their families and their attitude towards safety.

Some team members shared their personal stories and spoke about how a “it won’t happen to me” mentality can be changed in an instant.

This week each forum group formed six ideas or topics for further discussion and development.

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