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Ryman Accreditation Programme

The Ryman Accreditation Programme (RAP) reflects our commitment to providing the very best of care. The programme has been developed and refined over 30 years and is based on international best practice, surpassing New Zealand Ministry of Health standards in aged residential care.

Our RAP programme is designed as a quality cycle involving planning, policy and procedures, training, monitoring, reviewing and improving.

Best-practice policies and procedures

Our up-to-date policies and procedures focus on providing quality services for the older person, maintaining a safe environment, delivering culturally appropriate care and minimising risk of unwanted events. We regularly review our operating proceedures to reflect contemporary best practice.

Quality training programmes and qualified staff

All staff are well-trained and have the knowledge, skills and qualifications to implement these policies.

Specific quality improvement objectives every year

Every year we set our expectations a little higher. We are constantly looking for ways to lift our residents' experience of life in a Ryman village.

Programme to implement objectives and policy

The actions and procedures to meet annual quality objectives are organised into an annual calendar, implemented via a management support programme.

Comprehensive, ongoing performance monitoring

We monitor our performance in a variety of ways including: sentinel event and complaint reporting; routine and spot auditing of all aspects of policy compliance; resident, next of kin and staff satisfaction surveys; and monitoring of recognised clinical quality indicators.

Constant review, feedback and improvement planning

We review the results from these monitoring activities and analyse them for trends and recurrent issues. We respond to issues identified within a quality improvement framework and take opportunities to enhance standard operating proceedures. Knowledge gained on each site is shared to improve the operation of all.

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