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Ryman is backing the New Zealand Olympic Team

As pioneers of the retirement industry, we’re no stranger to stepping up to the plate and pushing further to better serve our residents. We’re inspired by residents in how they continue living their lives with passion and purpose, striving to push further and going beyond the ordinary in their retirement.

This sentiment is symbolised in naming our villages in honour of Kiwi trailblazers – Dame Yvette Williams, Sir Murray Halberg, Sir Edmund Hillary, Anthony Wilding – and it’s why partnering with the New Zealand Team is such a no brainer! Defying expectations, pushing further, rejecting limits. Whether it be an Olympian or a Ryman resident, we are proud supporters.

No one dreams bigger than an Olympian, and nothing connects us as a nation quite like sport. As a proud partner of the New Zealand Olympic Team, we’re getting behind our Olympians and Commonwealth Games athletes so they can turn their dreams into reality.

Our journey together is only getting started.

We have proudly supported the New Zealand Team at Tokyo 2020, the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, and are looking forward to the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, and 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

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Yvette Williams and Murray Halberg

Dame Yvette Williams and Sir Murray Halberg

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Living beyond the Ordinary

Celebrating our residents is what we love to do. Take a look below at some of our athletes who are still very much involved with their sporting communities. 

Olympian, runner, coach

One of the original “Arthur’s Boys”, Barry Magee spent his sporting career breaking records on the international stage.

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The Olympic hockey trio

Hockey player John Abraham competed alongside his mates Noel Hobson, and Ross Gillespie for over 20 years. Including two Olympic Games. “It is an incredible experience.

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A passion for rowing

Olympic rower Alan Tong spends as much time down at the boatshed coaching as he used to rowing. “It’s a sport that once you’ve got it in your blood, it never goes."

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Back in the saddle

Rod has returned to cycling aged 91 and is already a Veteran Cycling Champion. “It’s a competition with yourself. You get back what you put it.”

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Ryman residents aren’t known for shying away from a challenge, that’s what we love about them. So to align with the Tokyo Olympics we gave them the opportunity to let their inner Olympian shine with our very own Olympics@RYMAN.

We put together a fantastic line up, from relay walking and cycling, to freestyle swimming and lawn bowls. To flex those brain muscles, how about a little quiznastics! And in true Ryman pioneering fashion, we’ve added a little innovation to the sporting events we have on offer. Technology has been incorporated into Olympics@RYMAN tournaments and races so that events can be interactive with all 41 of our villages. 

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Ryman Olympian namesakes

Pioneering a new way of living

Residents at Ryman villages are not retiring from life, they're finding a new way to live.

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