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Easy spinach souffle

Easy spinach souffle   Approx cooking time: 6 min plus standing  

Omelette in a mug

Omelette in a mug   Approx cooking time - 2 minutes

Feijoa and Curd Scones

Feijoa and Curd Scones   If you like the sound of a buttery toffee topping, then whip up a...

Sausages and Mash Bake

Channelling a traditional English pub meal, this sausages and mash with a twist is sure to...

Lentil & mushroom pie

Packed with protein, lentils are quick and easy to prepare. As the star player of this – y...

Cooking with brussels spr...

Brussels Sprouts Reborn   For a long time, brussels sprouts have been a contentious vegeta...

Seafood chowder

Try this classic recipe featuring decadent smoked mussels and fish in a bowl of creamy goo...

Spicy pumpkin soup

While the ingredients list may look daunting at first glance, don’t shy away. 

Sticky coconut and feijoa...

After one batch, you’ll be craving more of these tasty coconut and feijoa muffins.

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