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Feijoa Cordial

Feijoa Cordial 

Spiced Hot Chocolate

Spiced Hot Chocolate

Feijoa chicken with salad

Feijoa stuffed chicken with feijoa, chilli, and lime salad

Autumn Gardening Prep

Autumn gardening 

Joy’s Golden Syrup Steam ...


Creating the Ultimate Bac...

With overseas holidays on hold, there’s no better time to create a tropical oasis in your ...

10 Stunning Summer Annual...

Colourful flowers surrounding a warm-weather picnic is what summer is all about! There’s n...

How (and why) to grow cit...

  Charles Upham Village resident, Chris celebrates citrus in style.   

Crafty Summer Dining

        If you enjoyed our table styling spread in the latest Kowhai magazine, you’re in f...

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