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Words of encouragement

Just as a smile is infectious, so too is positivity.

We’ve created this space as a way for you to express your words of encouragement to our residents and staff. We invite you to share your support by any means you like, be it a simple message, a photo of your child’s latest artwork, a poem, or some photos that make you smile – cute animals are often a big hit!

Spread the joy by emailing your positive content to

We’ll add them to this blog and share your amazing words (or images) of encouragement.

15 May 2020


Looking back across the years to the many things you have done To make...

14 May 2020

Locked down but spirits up

On 15th March a message sent to all of us Our lives were to change and...

11 May 2020

Opposite's parade

“Whatever did the neighbours think?” I wondered all day long.

08 May 2020

Dreaming fishermen

Dreaming fishermen There is no aim in me any more…

05 May 2020
Poet's corner | 1 min read

On the Move

In and out the cul de sacs And up and down the streets

24 Apr 2020

Trying to diet

Lovely roast ‘taties in gravy so brown Roast beef and green peas –feel...

24 Apr 2020
Poet's corner | 1 min read

Wednesday morning

Another day, another dawn – I wonder where all the rest have gorn? Wha...

24 Apr 2020
Poet's corner | 1 min read

Table top battle

A little peanut, sent to war was put on duty by the door He told the n...

24 Apr 2020
Poet's corner | 1 min read

Poet's corner - stay in your bubble!

At Diana Isaac we’re all in lockdown No trips to the beach, and  no vi...

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