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Love from Colyton School

Words of encouragement

Just as a smile is infectious, so too is positivity.

We’ve created this space as a way for you to express your words of encouragement to our residents and staff. We invite you to share your support by any means you like, be it a simple message, a photo of your child’s latest artwork, a poem, or some photos that make you smile – cute animals are often a big hit!

Spread the joy by emailing your positive content to

We’ll add them to this blog and share your amazing words (or images) of encouragement.

30 Apr 2020
Encouragement | 1 min read

Love from Colyton School

This wonderful message was sent in by one of the teachers at Colyton s...

24 Apr 2020
Poet's corner | 1 min read

Poet's corner - stay in your bubble!

At Diana Isaac we’re all in lockdown No trips to the beach, and  no vi...

24 Apr 2020

Poet's corner - Angel's Eyes

The rain falls down from leaden skies,  A thousand tears in angel's ey...

14 Apr 2020
Poet's corner | 1 min read

Poet's corner - lockdown at Rowena Jackson

I’m sitting here in Lockdown I’m coming 88 I can’t even play the pokie...

08 Apr 2020

Thanks to all the village staff

Navigating these difficult times takes a lot of hard work, long hours ...

07 Apr 2020

Poet's corner - Our Grateful Thanks

The parcels they keep coming, gardeners on the run, To deliver weekly ...

07 Apr 2020

Poet's corner - Angels in Disguise

I always thought that angels Were clothed in garments white, With shim...

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