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We have provided all our Governance documents below:

1. Read our constitution below:


2. Read our Board Charter below:

pdfBoard Charter

3. Read our Code of Ethics below:

pdfCode of Ethics

4. Read our Audit and Financial Risk Committee Terms of Reference:

pdfAudit and Financial Risk Committee

5. Read our Governance, Remuneration and Nomination Committee Terms of Reference:

pdfGovernance, Remuneration and Nomination Committee

6. Read our Independent Directors Terms of Reference:

pdfIndependent Directors

7. Read our Health and Safety Committee Terms of Reference:

pdfHealth and Safety Committee

8. Read our Clinical Governance Committee Terms of Reference:

pdfClinical Governance

9. Read our Diversity Policy:

pdfDiversity Policy

10. Read our Remuneration Policy:

pdfRemuneration Policy

11. Read our Financial Product Trading Policy:

pdfFinancial Product Trading Policy

12. Market Disclosure Policy:

pdfMarket Disclosure Policy

13. Development and Construction Committee

pdfDevelopment and Construction Committee