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Competitive Advantage

Ryman has been in business for more than 30 years, and over this time we have developed a number of key competitive advantages by sticking to our knitting and learning through each new village development:

Brand reputation – we are recognised as a leader in the aged care and retirement village field with more than 30 years' experience in the sector. We have been named the Most Trusted Brand in the sector four times.

Experienced team and Board – our management team has over 100 years of experience in the sector, and the very experienced board includes six non-executive Directors.

Unique Ryman integrated villages – the breadth of what we offer residents on one site is unique in the sector. This underpins a strong ongoing demand for our offering through different economic cycles – we are not just a ‘lifestyle’ village offering, but are focused on meeting people’s needs. We build our unique villages in well established urban residential locations, supported by strong demographics.

Vertical integration – we do it all, from sourcing the land, to design of the village, project management, quantity surveying, construction, marketing, sales, and nursing operations. We don’t outsource, and this enables us to offer a tailored and affordable offering to our residents, because we retain all our knowledge in-house.

Pricing structureRyman Peace of Mind Guarantees we offer resident-friendly terms and conditions that are acknowledged as leading in the sector. For example, we have never increased the weekly fee to an existing retirement village unit resident, and no resident has ever waited more than six months to be repaid their occupancy advance.

Scale – by replicating what we do year in year out we learn and get better each time. With 31 villages throughout New Zealand and one in Australia we are also able to access excellent procurement terms and invest in developing unique quality and management systems.

Access to capital – we only borrow to fund the work in progress for new villages. Debt is repaid in full for each village, including our care facilities, once all Occupancy Advances for retirement village units have been collected on village completion. This means we have no debt across a portfolio worth over $5 billion today, and therefore can comfortably access capital for future planned developments.

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