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For Murray and Marion, life at Logan Campbell Retirement village has exceeded expectations, and the views aren’t bad either!

“It’s been one of the things that we’ve loved. Looking out at Rangitoto, the Coromandel and Cornwall Park – we didn’t expect anything like that.”

However, it’s not only the views that have captivated them, it’s the easy lifestyle and camaraderie of the village community.

The couple have always enjoyed socialising, but they were amazed at how quickly they settled in and got to know people. Even in those early days when the village had first opened.

“It was good to simply go and say gidday, to let people know there was someone else in the village,” Murray explains.

The real icing on the cake has been their ability to continue their passion for travelling. They enjoy the freedom of heading away whenever they like to a new destination.

The beauty now is that they can lock up their apartment and go without any worries, then come home to the caring village community.

“We’ve found that if you’re away for a while, you’re missed! People tell us, ‘we missed you, welcome back.’ That only comes when you get to know people, when you start building those bonds,” Marion says.

“You can love your time away, but there’s something about coming back home,” Murray adds.

Home is exactly what the village and the community has become for Murray and Marion. Part of what makes it feel that way is being able to maintain their close connections to family and their church community outside the village.

“It’s nice to be able to welcome them into your home. They love it and have no doubt that we’ve made the right move,” Murray happily explains.

tvc-lc-KOR_5485-750x450“We’ve found that if you’re away for a while, you’re missed! People tell us, ‘we missed you, welcome back.’ ” 
Marion, Logan Campbell resident
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