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It takes the stress away

Everyone’s journey into retirement is different and their feelings towards it take many forms.

For Liz, there were some curly questions to be answered:

“What’s going to happen when I get older still? Who will the burden fall to if I get ill? How can I feel completely safe and secure without being a burden?”

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I've never been so happy as I am here

Hoko and Glenda exude happiness, and a closeness that only 37 years of marriage can bring. As the years passed, they felt it was time to make a change, to provide themselves with a more secure and supportive environment. “When you’re out in the community you’re on your own. I worried about that a lot,” recalls Hoko.

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We're happy as clams, it's the best decision we've ever made

Judith noticed a change in her husband Bob’s demeanour. She found that Bob was sitting at home alone a lot, his hearing had deteriorated and Judith felt he was becoming isolated.

For Judith, moving to a retirement village was a pragmatic decision. Being alone so much wasn’t good for Bob. Judith still enjoyed going out and meeting friends but Bob simply wasn’t interested.

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