People need people!

We all have something in life that appeals to the heart of who we are. For some it’s a quiet sanctuary to tinker away at their latest project, for others it’s honing their skills at the pool table anticipating their next win!

For Katherine, it’s people. It was a tough decision to leave her home town and friends. What made it easier was knowing that Katherine was moving to a place where she could establish meaningful friendships, where understanding and support are second nature – in other words, a warm and welcoming community. 

Katherine experiences this every day at Charles Upham Retirement Village in Rangiora.

“It’s vital to me to have friends, you’ve got to have that interaction, the laughs, the sadness. Friends become both your family and your friend.”

Katherine recalls the day she moved into the village, where her new neighbours came out to welcome her. There was a camaraderie in that they were all “newbies” settling into village life, all within a couple of weeks of each other.

She discovered that her first friendly meeting with the new neighbours, well that’s simply par for the course at the village. As time passed those friendships grew and she’s now surrounded by a community that genuinely cares about each other.

“There’s always someone around to lift your spirits, even the gardeners! They’re just so friendly and part of your friendship group in a way,” explains Katherine.

One of Katherine’s talents is that she’s a good listener, “it’s always good to have a ready ear!” Whether it’s catching up for a cup of tea or going to the movies together, that connection is so important.

Katherine enjoys the variety of people she meets, the different professions, age groups and backgrounds. It makes for very interesting discussions and some great laughs. “You’ll hear a lot of laughter around the village,” Katherine chuckles.

Katherine’s advice is, “you’ve got to make sure you can continue your friendship support, because people need people!”

tvc-CU-kor_8128-article1“You’ve got to make sure you can continue your friendship support, because people need people!” 
Katherine, Charles Upham resident
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