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Ryman Healthcare resident stories | Reg and Greg

Written by Lara DuRand
on May 03, 2019

After losing his beloved wife Keitha, Reg Morris felt a bit lost. His family began keeping an eye on him.

Reg thought that he was doing ok. He could cook and he was happy with his own company. However, after he was involved in a serious car crash he struggled with being dependent on family to take him to hospital appointments. He did not want to be a burden and eventually appeared to have lost his zest for life. He wasn't prepared to admit it at the time, but looking back he can see that now.

With encouragement from his family, Reg began to investigate retirement villages and popped into a Ryman village. “It was just a different atmosphere, a different attitude. I thought that's pretty good."

"It was just a different atmosphere, a different attitude. I thought that's pretty good."

Resident, Reg

What stood out for Reg was that everyone was so happy and that included both residents and staff. For his son, Greg, it epitomized a place where “Pop would want to live. He can eat better, live better. It’s a great package.”

Before Reg moved into his serviced apartment, the family visits were really assessments of Reg's wellbeing. “Has the cleaner been? Have you been cooking quality meals? Have you remembered to turn the electric fry pan off?” Reg didn't want to be questioned just as much as Greg didn't want to be questioning.

Now he’s moved into the serviced apartment they can be happy being father and son again. The icing on the cake is having extra help which alleviates worry.

Although initially sceptical about dining together at the midday meal, it only took Reg a couple of days to get into the swing of things. "I didn't want to eat with a whole lot of people," he recalls. Since then he's never looked back, and is now one of the first to arrive in the dining room.

Reg describes it as one big social occasion and Greg was impressed by the quality of the delicious meals which are prepared freshly on site every day.

For Reg’s family, knowing that help is at hand is extremely important. Not only does the serviced apartment option offer Reg the customised help that he needs, but should circumstances change care can be customised seamlessly. They can relax in the knowledge that Reg doesn’t have to shift again as there is full continuum of care if he needs it.

"Pop would want to live. He can eat better, live better. It’s a great package."

Son, Greg

There is also the assurance that if the family need to be there they will be contacted. Although Greg notices that they haven't needed to be as Reg is so happy.

Recalling that first day, Reg was sold when a few bottles of Old Dark were brought up to his room. "That set me off on the right foot," he laughs.


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