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Ryman Healthcare resident stories | Judith and Bob

Written by Lara DuRand
on May 03, 2019

Judith noticed a change in her husband Bob’s demeanour. She found that Bob was sitting at home alone a lot, his hearing had deteriorated and Judith felt he was becoming isolated.

For Judith, moving to a retirement village was a pragmatic decision. Being alone so much wasn’t good for Bob. Judith still enjoyed going out and meeting friends but Bob simply wasn’t interested.

"We're happy as clams, it's the best decision we've ever made."

Residents, Judith and Bob

They also enjoy the sanctuary of their light and spacious apartment. If they want some quiet time they can simply shut the door and be by themselves. “No shoulds and musts, we just do what we want to do.”

Having Bob so busy and happy means that Judith can go out and have lunch with friends or go for walks. Then in the evenings they recount the days’ activities. Judith jokes, “He’s a much more interesting bloke, but when you’ve been married to an Irishman it’s always interesting.”

Staying in the Birkenhead community was a significant factor in their decision. Bob’s business was built upon the loyal community he serviced there over 30 years. In fact, he is forever bumping into old workmates at the village.

Judith explains that unless you come through the gates and view the resort-style facilities for yourself, you will have no idea. You’re buying into a lifestyle, and one that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Judith is a regular at the sumptuous café where she enjoys the barista coffee, and if she doesn’t feel like cooking she picks up something delicious from the cafe. She loves taking visitors there who are blown away with the stunning views from the café. “Oh my goodness, they say, we didn’t expect this!”

After selling their property they were able to free up some capital. Judith explains, “It enables you to perhaps have a bit more jam for yourself,” and with that ‘jam’ they could go on a cruise, something they wanted to do for a long time. The added security was that they could simply lock up and go knowing their apartment was secure.

"Oh my goodness, they say, we didn’t expect this!"

Resident, Judith


As for the financial aspect, Ryman’s fixed weekly fees mean that worries such as increasing council rates no longer apply. Their fees are fixed for life* in their apartment. Meaning their decision was a ‘no brainer!’

The village lifestyle has provided the adjustment they needed to cater for Bob’s needs and provides security for their future. They tell us, “We’re happy as clams, it’s the best decision we’ve ever made.”

*Terms and conditions apply


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