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Sales - Dale Singleton

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Dale's leap of faith with Ryman reaps surprising rewards

Taking on the role of sales advisor for Ryman Healthcare five years ago felt somewhat like a leap of faith, Dale Singleton admits now, and it’s a role that’s had unexpected positives on him personally.

“I saw an ad in the paper and I had no idea who they were, but I thought it might be something different.”

It certainly was different from his previous jobs. For 25 years, Dale worked as a portrait and wedding photographer followed by a couple of years in real estate.

The confidence about the new role came from knowing he could sell and was able to build a good rapport with clients, and selling Ryman’s first retirement village in Australia seemed like the perfect challenge.

In 2013, the New Zealand company was making its first forays into Melbourne with the Wheelers Hill village, now named Weary Dunlop, in the very early stages.

“When I drove past after the interview it was just a big hole in the ground but straightaway I thought the first stage alone was about 3-4 years’ work!”

The potential longevity of the work also appealed - indeed, he is now selling Ryman’s second village currently under construction at Brandon Park.

But it was the work itself that ticked the boxes, helped in no small part by the excellent terms and conditions Ryman offers.

When prospective residents come to enquire about buying an apartment in the village, it’s essential that Dale gains their trust – this is, after all, one of the biggest decisions they’ll have to make in their lifetime.

That’s made easy, he says, by the impressive way the company operates.

“I really like the professionalism of Ryman. The fact they build a beautiful village and their ethos and culture is always about putting the residents’ needs first. I like that because you know you’re doing the right thing by them.”

It’s a responsibility that Dale does not take lightly.

“You’ve got to be conscious of the fact it’s probably their last big move and it’s a big commitment for them to make.

“But our terms and conditions are far superior to anyone in Victoria so they’re a pleasure to sell.”

Indeed, Dale finds the hardest part of the job is convincing people to come along and see an apartment for themselves.

“But once they’re here they fall in love with the product,” he says.

What he didn’t anticipate was just how attached he would become to ‘his’ residents.

“I really enjoy meeting the residents and helping people with enquiries, but I guess I didn’t expect the people to be so lovely.

“It’s the residents that make the village. You help them move in and you see them every day. They chat to you about everything, their kids, their grandkids, what they did for a job, everything.

“That’s the biggest thing for me is the fact I get on with the residents so well. I do miss the residents at Weary Dunlop because I knew everyone.”

Dale says working with so many older people has brought out the best qualities in him.

“These are people who may be dealing with dementia or other diseases and the challenges that may bring, so that has definitely made me have more empathy for people.

“I think I’m a lot kinder to people and do not judge anyone.”

Kindness and empathy is at the forefront of how Ryman operates its villages. And it follows through amongst the staff too.

“If you need any advice on solving a problem or any challenges come up you can ring anyone at Ryman for support.”

Luckily for Dale – and his Weary Dunlop residents – he is on hand from time to time to take a few photos.

He’s been glad of the chance to catch up with them and see them happily settled in and enjoying village life.

“Now I’m looking forward to Brandon Park being built and moving in the new residents there.

“Once they’ve made the move you know they’re going to live a great life which is fantastic for them and really rewarding for me.”

We offer exciting and challenging sales opportunities for empathetic and passionate individuals with the proven ability to meet and exceed sales targets.

Our sales team are genuine, approachable people who communicate easily with prospective residents, their families and the wider community.

They are good listeners, articulate, and able to confidently deliver presentations.

Building effective relationships with clubs and groups, they enjoy being out in the community, and genuinely want to help people make the right choices for themselves or their family.

Being able to embrace technology, self-motivation and effective time management are essential skills, along with the flexibility to attend open days and host events within the village.

We provide great support from a dedicated sales management team, and a fabulous working environment within our resort-style villages. Ryman Healthcare is one of New Zealand’s top companies with a reputation for excellence, with opportunities throughout New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia.

If this sounds like a perfect fit for you, we'd love to hear from you.

Enquiries to debbie.mcclure@rymanhealthcare.com