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Taylor-made for Ryman

Meet Victoria’s new Regional Sales and Community Relations Manager

Robert Taylor has worked in sales for five of Australia’s biggest retirement village operators, and when he first heard about what Ryman Healthcare offered residents he was sceptical.

It was too good to be true, he thought, so he started doing his own research.

“I was looking for the catch. Something hidden. Some ingenious buried contractual clause. A caveat.

“Well, as hard and as deep as I looked, I just couldn’t find one with Ryman.”

That’s when it occurred to Robert: during his 15 years working in the industry in Australia he had become so used to high deferred management fees, marketing costs, operator/resident disputes, and special resident levies, he hadn’t considered that things could be done differently.

“I began to ask questions and I couldn’t understand how Ryman can be so different. I developed this strange habit of laughing at the suggestion of a capped deferred management fee and fixed service fees and notions of continuum of care. How is this even possible?”

Now, as Ryman’s new Regional Sales and Community Relations Manager for Victoria, Robert’s journey from sceptic to dedicated disciple is complete.;

“Ryman is actually different, it didn’t just talk the talk; Ryman walks the walk.”

Born and raised in the Melbourne suburb of Kew, Robert’s journey towards the industry he has spent most of his life in began at home, rooted in a family culture of respect and compassion for those in need.

“In many cultures, parents and the elderly are revered and celebrated and from my experience, the stories that emanate from such amazing life experience are enriching to listen to and often truly remarkable.

“As a result, I guess I was drawn to help people that deserve respect and our thanks for some of the remarkable achievements in times some of us can’t even imagine.”

But Robert’s connection to the retirement living industry isn’t just professional. After his father passed away two years ago, his mother moved into a retirement village.

“I’ve seen how difficult it can be after being with someone you love for so long to have to start over again. I guess I have an insight because of that experience and a deeper compassion to try and make life easier again.”

While Robert is a big believer in the benefits of retirement living, convincing potential residents isn’t always easy.

“They sometimes hold a lot of fear about their future and particularly how they let go of their past. So, reservations are largely around, security, financial implications, downsizing and lifestyle changes when relinquishing their family home.”

Robert says the key to selling retirement living options is listening. Trust must be at the heart of that partnership, and that takes time and a genuine dedication to achieving the best result for each person.

And Robert has lots of selling ahead of him. With Ryman's first Victorian village, Weary Dunlop, well established, a second village set to open in Brandon Park in July, and five more villages in the planning stage for sites in Burwood East, Coburg, Geelong, Mount Eliza and Mount Martha, he's going to be a busy man.

It's a big job, but with a genuinely different product to sell, he too is ready to walk the Ryman walk.

We offer exciting and challenging sales opportunities for empathetic and passionate individuals with the proven ability to meet and exceed sales targets.

Our sales team are genuine, approachable people who communicate easily with prospective residents, their families and the wider community.

They are good listeners, articulate, and able to confidently deliver presentations.

Building effective relationships with clubs and groups, they enjoy being out in the community, and genuinely want to help people make the right choices for themselves or their family.

Being able to embrace technology, self-motivation and effective time management are essential skills, along with the flexibility to attend open days and host events within the village.

We provide great support from a dedicated sales management team, and a fabulous working environment within our resort-style villages. Ryman Healthcare is one of New Zealand’s top companies with a reputation for excellence, with opportunities throughout New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia.

If this sounds like a perfect fit for you, we'd love to hear from you.

Enquiries to debbie.mcclure@rymanhealthcare.com