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Jasmine's eye for visual communication

When Jasmine Mcilraith, graphic design team leader, started in her role at Ryman Healthcare she was ready to draw on a wide palette of experience, having had a creative interest right from a youngster.

Her mother had spent hours encouraging her arty side so, when choosing education options, graphic design was a natural fit.

Now Jasmine loves to be at the helm of an expanding team, based in Christchurch, but also supported in her role with the company.

The graphic design team work on public-facing material such as village marketing collateral, print and digital advertising as well as internal material. Jasmine is also responsible for collaboration with external creatives where required. One recent example is working with an external artist to create fantastic jute shopping bag designs. Ryman are making these bags available to residents as a way to help save the environment.

Helping to set up the Ryman by Annah Stretton pop-up shops for the launch of the Ryman staff uniforms back in 2016 is one creative project Jasmine particularly enjoyed.

She is five-and-a-half years into a role that she started part time. The job has stretched and allowed her to travel, as Ryman has solidified itself as a top trans-Tasman firm.

“I feel like I’m very lucky to have a lot of exposure to not only work with our marketing team, but with members of the exec team, managers of other teams. I’ve got a view of quite a lot of different parts of the Ryman business.

“Everyone is pretty amazing at sharing their knowledge … I’ve chosen along the way to try and expose myself to as many opportunities to learn as I could. For any projects that come up, I’m quite willing to jump on board and help out.”

She believes in what Ryman does in helping older people’s lifestyles.

“If it’s producing something that helps our residents in some way, whether it’s Ryman Delicious menus right down to event flyers – it makes me really proud.”

Nationwide campaigns, such as the recent ‘Good enough for Mum’ are a highlight to work on. These are nationwide campaigns that run across print and digital which adds a new complexity to just running an advert.

Jasmine proudly says she has taken an “incredible” journey with Ryman.

At Ryman Healthcare, we have a 'grow our own' philosophy and invest in developing our people.

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