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Lafi leads by example

Setting the pace while lifting the bar high

Having notched up nearly 13 years with Ryman, foreman Lafi Lemana is one of the most experienced members of the company’s construction team.

He started out as an apprentice working on the Edmund Hillary village and went on to help build Bruce McLaren, Possum Bourne, and since February this year he’s been setting a brisk pace at Lynfield.

Asked what the secret to his success is, Lafi laughs: “No secrets!

“I guess I’m a lead by example kind of a guy, so if we’re pushed for time I like to muck in there and help out.”

Lafi says the beauty of working at Ryman is being able to quickly find solutions to the various problems that come up, either by contacting the company’s in-house architectural team or the staff at structural engineers Mitchell Vranjes, who Ryman has had a long-term relationship with for many years.

“They’re all within reach so any problems we can get an answer straightaway. It can make all the difference to the timeline if we’ve got a big concrete pour scheduled."

The contractors are a vital part of the whole piece too.

“We’re such a big company we depend on our contractors and without them we couldn’t complete the jobs – building good relationships goes a long way to help.”

Relationship-building also applies to his own team and Lafi says he's glad to have kept a core bunch of guys who he can really depend on.

Part of that could be the fact that he enjoys teaching his men and spends time each morning training them up.

“It’s going to help me and the company in the long run if I can give them more variety of work,” he says.

“I try to train my team so they can do the framing or finishing as well as the concrete side of things so it doesn’t matter where they end up.”

Father-of-five Lafi appreciates the security and peace that a Ryman village can offer and says his motivation is always to make a beautiful home for future residents.

“At Pukekohe there was a gentleman who used to come and visit me every Saturday. The first time he saw his apartment he was speechless. Seeing the expression on his face was priceless.”

As he is overseeing the first independent apartment block to be opened, Lafi’s goal is to set a high standard which will dictate the quality of the rest of the village.

“If I can hand over something real mint and everyone’s happy it’s going to set the bar around here.”

At Ryman Healthcare, we have a ‘grow our own’ philosophy and invest in developing our people.

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