Our business model

A point of difference - providing integrated care

Ryman Healthcare is a leading provider of retirement living and care options in New Zealand and Victoria.

50% of our portfolio is needs based with each of our villages offering a range of options from independent and assisted living through to resthome, hospital, and specialist dementia care all within one location.

This integrated offering allows couples to stay together as they age. If their health needs change, they, and their families, know help is at hand.


Our business model revolves around care

We design villages to meet the needs of our residents. It starts with finding the right site, developing a village and a community, recycling cash, and reinvesting in the next village.             

Our development and design teams design the village and work through the consenting process. Our construction team builds the village, our sales team sells it down, and the operations team runs it.

Doing things ourselves means that we’re better placed to evolve our offering to residents. We can maintain quality control, build our knowledge, and be more nimble in supporting the business to grow.

And as we grow, we make sure that we do so at a pace that allows us to stay connected to the original vision of being ethical, transparent, honest, and fair.


Our agreement sets us apart in the market

Ryman offers some of the most resident-friendly terms in Australasia. The weekly fee for townhouses and apartments is fixed for the entire time our residents occupy their homes and stops on the day they leave. Our deferred management fee is capped at 20 percent and is one of the lowest in the retirement sector.

As we see it, security for our residents is about more than looking after their physical safety. It also includes having financial certainty.

Our promise to residents is ‘no surprises’. Our agreement is written in plain language. The terms and conditions are transparent and easy for everyone to understand.


Our offer is affordable for people

We concentrate on making sure that the offer we have available is affordable for people. We look at residential property prices in the area and pitch the offering so that it is luxurious, but still leaves them with enough of a buffer that they don’t feel vulnerable.


Our staff are passionate about caring for people

At Ryman, it’s all about people. We believe in treating people with kindness – our residents, their families, our teams, and every person we come into contact with.

A great resident experience depends on staff who are passionate about caring for people. We make sure everyone understands our values and that our values are indisputable. The standard is always: it’s got to be good enough for Mum.


We develop communities within communities

When we develop a village, we develop a community within the residents’ wider community. We make it possible for older people to move into a lifestyle that directly benefits them. In turn, that move benefits the local area as homes are released for other families to live in.

The community we create within a village improves the social connectedness of our residents. Depression and loneliness in older people is a major societal issue. Our residents feel connected to their neighbours and friends, and secure in their homes.


We constantly look to improve how we do things

We’re always looking at ways to improve the resident experience. Whether it’s our designers thinking about new and innovative ways to design our villages, our investment in technology to increase our ability to share and access information, or how we care for our residents, we’re constantly looking to evolve what we do.



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