Telling our story

When a resident or a member of their family first considers a Ryman village, it is a member of our sales team that they’ll speak to. This vital team are responsible for engaging the local community, talking through living options with prospective residents, and supporting them in their transition into the Ryman family.

Involved very early in the process, our sales team are often on site whilst the village is being built. Therefore, they are well placed to talk to our customers about not only Ryman’s legacy and commitment, but also all the history and details of their new home.

Sales play a very important role in the growth of our company and, whilst like all sales roles they have targets to meet, their number one focus is providing world class service to future Ryman residents and ensuring their first experience with Ryman is good enough for Mum, or Dad.

The role families within our sales department include:
  • Sales advisors
  • Community relations
  • Management
  • Administration

Staff stories